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Happy Spring!

Greetings and happy spring to all!

It seems like the warmer temperatures are here to stay. As the plants start to peek through the earth’s sleepy winter surface, everyone becomes excited for the rebirth of green and colorful life to surround us. It is at this very moment that Bloom’s season rapidly kicks into high gear . While the clients and their gardens beckon us, people often ask: “How was your winter? What has Bloom been up to?”

Well. . .Bloom has been gearing up to have an amazing 2016 season.  While setting the plants up for success by deer spraying and wilt proofing during the cold months and designing some stunning new landscapes for warm-weather installation, we have also been preparing to launch a fresh new website.  We worked hard to create and implement an employee enrichment program and have done pre-season hands-on employee trainings to enhance the team’s fine gardening skills. The winter also allowed us the opportunity to streamline some of Bloom’s behind-the-scenes systems, with tools, vehicles and supplies.  Our goal is to have the most successful, productive season in Bloom history!

Bloom has also brought some new talent to the team with three new managers; Emma Voegelin, Sara Morrow & Kenny Infante.  Each of them comes to us with unique backgrounds, diverse horticultural experiences and great positive attitudes.  We feel so lucky to have such devoted managers leading our field teams. The 2016 Garden Care Crews that they are leading are absolutely amazing, working together as cohesive teams and fulfilling their role as the backbone of Bloom.

Please join us on our journey through another great growing season by subscribing to this blog.  Here, you will get the latest buzz from the gardens, with regular posts about what’s new, intriguing and inspiring in the wonderful world of horticulture and landscape design.  Our hope is that this blog will be a valuable source of nourishment, keeping all of us connected to the natural landscape that surrounds us.

Welcome to the Bloom Blog and happy gardening!